About me

I'm an Associate Professor of Linguistics and Dene Language Studies at the Department of Indigenous Languages, Arts, and Cultures (DILAC) of the First Nations University of Canada.

I specialize in Athab/pasc/kan languages (please pick a spelling), in particular Denaʼina and Upper Tanana, both spoken in Alaska, and Dane-zaa/Beaver,spoken in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. My research interests include, but certainly are not limited to, language documentation, conversation/discourse analysis, ethnolinguistics, phonetics, and all sorts of other things. Current research foci are the grammar of Upper Tanana and several collections of narratives in that language.

I find the study of language in context (linguistic or cultural!) much more rewarding than the study of isolated words or sentences. My own fieldwork on Denaʼina (Alaska), Dane-zaa (Alberta) and Upper Tanana (Alaska) focuses on language in its natural setting. Almost all of the data I uses comes from spontaneous narration. This sometimes makes the analysis more difficult, but it also much more interesting and (I hope) more reliable.

And no, there apparently are no recent pictures of me.