Links to some presentations

Since I hate powerpoint, most are html-presentations that'll load up in your browser. Use your arrow keys to move through the slides.

This is not a complete list of presentations, since I gave some of them multiple times with only slight changes.

Other li'l things that I've done (not all of them are finished)

  • Dena'ina Phrasebook (Balluta, Evanoff and Müller 2004). This one was made in 2004, sponsored by ANLC. Of this book, a print version exists. It obtained both from the Alaska Native Language Center and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.
  • Beaver Alphabet. This website is still under development. It is the preliminary version of a pronunciation guide to the Ft. Vermilion dialect of the Beaver Athabascan language. Development started in fall 2005. The work was sponsored by the DoBeS-project "Beaver Knowledge Systems".
  • Dena'ina Paradigms. This website is also still under development. It is going to be a learner's guide to the verbs of Dena'ina. Please check sometimes for updates.